In 2016, Washington Suite Life was founded by Tim McCarthy. Tim has spent years working in sports and entertainment and understanding the importance of client and employee retention, maintaining positive relationships and leveraging professional sports and entertainment for business and political success. 

While working for the Washington Nationals in their Premium Sales Division, Tim built a trusted network with suite owners, individuals and organizations throughout the Baltimore-Washington region that utilize sporting event and concert suites. Suite owners often spoke of the burden of having excess inventory and asked for assistance in finding opportunities to help relieve some of the burden. Soon thereafter, individuals and businesses were hosting successful events in desirable locations that previously were inaccessible and at prices below market. This is how Washington Suite Life came to fruition. 

Now suite owners at every venue throughout the region are listing their inventory with Washington Suite Life and by recouping some of their investment and using only the suites they'd prefer to, are minimizing waste, receiving the highest ROI possible and using us as valuable tool.

Suite buyers can pick and choose from the best events in desirable locations that are ideally suited for their needs without being locked into a long-term contractual agreement. With access to suites for all the professional teams and events throughout the region, suite buyers can buy an event at a time or we can customize an annual package using various sports, concerts and venues. 

Whether you are a suite owner or suite buyer we hope that you can become one of our trusted partners working together towards each other's success and enjoyment of using suites! ​